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LE M4 Carbine Select Fire Or Semi Only

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This specially designed law enforcement weapon system features many of the combat proven

advantages of the (Machinegun Rated) military M4. With the 6-position buttstock fully retracted, the 
Carbine is less than 30 inches in length and weighs only 5.65 lb ideal for tactical deployment, and
traditional patrol.


Our Law Enforcement Carbine, is available with a Military style Sear for Full Auto, a step-cut

barrel that allows it to accept a grenade launcher, or, for non-lethal options. The firearm is built with

a Matched Upper & Lower, Manganese Phosphate Forged A-3 Flattop Upper Receiver.


The firearm will accommodate the full range of 5.56NATO/223 ammunition, including the NATO

M855/SS109 and U.S. M193, utilizing a rifling twist of 1 turn in 9 inches. This firearm is now available

in the new caliber 6.8MM SPC with a varied amounts of different projectiles from 90 to 150gr. Bullets.

Both calibers are now available in Fluted Stainless Steel, making the firearm much easier to clean. 1-8

Twist is also available which allows you to use a heavier bullet, such as the Black Hills 77gr.

Used exclusively by the Marine Corps. 


The 6-position sliding buttstock allows the weapon to adapt to users of different sizes, and physical

characteristics, as well as various firing positions and clothing variations.


The A-2 Muzzle compensator, further reduces muzzle climb and helps eliminate flash and dust signatures.

The flat top receiver allows for removable carrying handle and easy mounting of accessories, One 30 round,

non-tilt magazine, is standard. A hard case and a Command Arms single point sling.


LE Carbines are built on our own Ammo Dump Int. Uppers and Lowers Stag Arms uppers are used for the Left

Handed Officer. Why we use our own Uppers and Lowers is because we can then control every aspect of our

manufacturing making a superior firearm.



Substitute Chrome lined barrel                                                  $40.00  Not recomended

Free Float Quad Rail or P-Mod                                                   Included    $99.00 Value

Our own Trigger system                                                              Included    $99.00 value                                                               

Include Carry Handle Assy. With A-2 sights                           $69.00

Extra 30 rd. Non Tilt Magazine ( New )                                      $15.00           

Folding Vertical Grip                                                                     $25.00

(NEW) Grip Pod                                                                              Included    $25.00

Left Hand, Also Available                                                             $75.00


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