Ammodump International LLC. 

















The above Select Fire in 6.8 MM SPC caliber were built for the Madison County Sheriffs Office by
Ammodump Int. LLC. Per request, Knight Armament hand guards and rear flip-up sights were used
as well as the Law Enforcement EOTech. The firearms are ready for test firing on our range at the time
this picture was taken. All firearms are tested in the same manor, precision, safeties, and accuracy, are all tested by our own staff.  “If it isn’t good enough for us, it certainly is not good enough for our customers. “Take Care Of The Customer Or Someone Else Will” is our motto.






Another happy customer just picked up one of our custom built AR NPC-15. Though all AR’s come with a case, The Customer couldn’t Wait to go back home and get his OTHER wheels. You see, the customer had these voices in  his head telling him “ take me home, take me home” The firearm is in an M-4 Configuration. 16” 1-9 twist Wilson barrel, Stag matched upper and lower, “Matched by Ammodump Int. LLC” Command Arms Buttstock, Handguard and grip. Also sports a Swat-Force Flashlight, and Laser, Yankee Hill Flip-up Front & Rear sights along with an BSA Holosight.


Yes, the customer came back the following day for his case, OH! and more ammunition.








More Firearms, ready for testing. The youngster on the left is getting to be a crack shot with his AR version in
.22 caliber, one can never start Young enough. Dad next to him “the guy with the hat” just loves his job,
“I can’t wait to get up and go to work in the morning” It’s a tough job shooting all these firearms, but someone
has to do it right? (:-}  

Being test fired are 6.8MM SPC in M-4 Configuration (two on the right) the remainder are .223/5.56 NATO.
Notice the 20” and 24” Varmint/Sniper rifles that are scoped, these will be tested out to 300yd. by Alan my grandson. 


BJ Unloading Firearms




BJ W-Stack of Firearms



B.J. Son In-Law, unloads and sets up Firearms, for testing. The above picture includes an ATV and wagon to bring firearms to our range, making things much easier. Below, we have one 6.8 MM SPC held by BJ. You will notice the Olive Green furniture, many Florida Sheriff Deputies request this color as it matches their uniforms. “Tell me men aren’t vain” Others on the table are a suppressed 9MM Marlin Camp, a suppressed Ruger 22.LR Mark III, One Short Barreled Rifle, “SBR” and one select fire. The last two are Stainless Steel 1-8 twist 16” M-4 type configuration with Flashlight, Laser and ATN Holosight.


David Testing Draganov


In this picture, we have son David testing a Romanian Druganov built by Ammodump International LLC. from a Kit. You may want To know that the Firearm shot three rounds that one could cover with a quarter at 100 yd. Also in the picture is a Norinco AK and an 8MM M-48 Mauser.  All firearms are checked out completely, for head spacing, tightness of fit, cleaned inside and out before we ever put them out for sale to our customers.




Checking out firearms made from kits by Ammodump International LLC By Son David and his wife Christa.

Both firearms fired flawlessly. My wonderful Daughter In Law Christa has now passed away and is now helping God run things in heaven. I love and miss her very much, as Christa was my sweet heart. While dating my Son

Christa asked me if she could call me Dad. I will never forget that day, the day I became Christa’s Dad.



sample 9mm


Suppressed 9MM select fire built by Ammodump International LLC along with A Sheriff’s department gear. Lots of fun to shoot.


Gary, Joe & Me



My friends Gary “green shirt” and Joe, looking on in the gray shirt getting ready for the Machinegun shoot held at the Hernando Sportsman’s Club several times a year. This shoot was held on the 4th of July, what a better way to spend the 4th with a display of firepower that is no longer available to most of the people in the entire world.

At this writing, my very dear friend Gary is no longer with us, and I miss him. Gary has joined his beautiful and lovely wife At the Gun Range in the Sky. Save me a spot at the range Gary, and this time I’ll buy the beer.




Text Box: This is Tom’s AR-10 a .308 Custom built by Ammodump Int. LLC
Tom is a retired Captain in the Army’s Navy. Yep, the Army’s Navy. Tom’s firearm came with the following, A hard Case, A single Point Sling, A Grip-Pod, 20rd. Magazine, and best of all, a 2.5lb. Pound pull Trigger. See below Tom’s Target.
Tom .308




Text Box: Number three is somewhat low, with another slight adjustment somewhat to the left. Then it happened, five six seven eight nine and ten are right on. Good shooting Tom.Text Box: First shot is on the right, slight adjustment and the second is on the left. 20160330_174307






Text Box: This is John’s Firearm; John wanted something different therefore we made him a carbine in a 6.8 caliber. Getting a barrel was somewhat difficult my normal source couldn’t supply me; I finally found one at Model 1 Sales out of Texas. The firearm came as shown, Matched Upper and Lower a really great barrel, a Single Point Sling, a 28 rd. Magazine a Grip-Pod and a Hard Case keeping the firearm safe from damage while traveling. (No cardboard box for our customers.)  


John 6.8



 One ( 1 ) thru Three ( 3 ) are off the zero, with that said, four ( 4 ) and five ( 5 ) are dead on target and touching one another. Firearm sighted in with a Tackfire Reflex sight.








Several Months ago we met another accomplished Wild Hog Hunter we lovingly call Tricky Ricky. Ricky bought an NPC-15 from us at a Gun Show. Well Ricky shot the Firearm and decided that this Firearm was the most accurate out of the TSA approved Hard Case he had ever seen and called his friend at Baucom’s Cattle Co. and told him about us. We at Ammodump Int. LLC thank the Baucom’s and Tricky Ricky for their faith in us.


The Baucom Cattle Company harvested the following Hogs a few nights ago. Needless to say we at Ammodump International LLC are very proud of their accomplishments as they are using several of our NPC .308/7.62X51 NATO Firearms.







200 lb Hog harvested by Travis Williams with a NPC-15 in .300 Blackout carbine manufactured by Ammodump Int. LLC. You may know or have met Travis at Gun Shows through out Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. 

 Great Job Travis







Babes like firearms also, this is a 24” .308 caliber NPC-308 built by Ammodump Int. LLC. The Lady of the house

Is to Test Fire the firearm making sure everything works as it should.





A Jacksonville customer ordered this firearm after a Jacksonville Gun Show. See the fluted barrel at 24” shooting Three rounds covered by a nickel at 100 yards this was the first three rounds out of that firearm it will now only get Better. The selling of our firearm was our trigger system. After testing our trigger system at the Jacksonville Gun Show. The Customer “Just had to have one”




Three Top Firearms With One Lower Receiver



Ready for shipping to a Florida State Police Officer. What we have here is one rifle with three uppers. The Customer wanted the best firearm available in several calibers. The completed firearm (Top) in Flat Dark Earth, is a 5.56/.223 caliber for busting up paper plates and targets, as well as for those little desert rats out west. The second also in Flat Dark Earth, is a. 6.8 SPC This firearm is to be used out west while hunting for Elk, Bison, Mule Deer, Bear, and Cougar.  The third Upper in Black is in.300 Blackout caliber.  Several Hogs have met their fate due to this firearm. Including two hogs with one shot. Pictures are below.


Two Hogs With One Shot










One shot claimed the two Hogs on the right. I’m told that the area he hunts in Georgia’ is overrun by wild Hogs
and he is helping to thin out the heard



Another Hog By One Of Our Customers




One of our NPC-15 in .300 Blackout caliber strikes again.




My beautiful Daughter In Law Joy O’Brien finally learning to shoot. Her teacher My Son Shawn has a third

Arm in the photo adjusting her shooting stance. This is a 9mm that Joy actually purchased for my son

several years ago. Joy was born in the Philippines and met up with my son while stationed

 in Bahrain while in the Navy. Firearms were not part of Joy’s culture in growing up and this

Of course is all new for her.  Proud of you Joy. Like everything else you have ever done,
you will be a really great shooter.





My Granddaughter and my sweet Friend, Sophia. My 12 year old Granddaughter is also learning to shoot.

Shooting with a Ruger 10-22 Great Shooting Sophia.








Our Youngest customer, Haley. Haley is a beautiful 8 year old girl that loves to

Hunt and fish. Opening day last year, Haley shot the Doe at first light estimated

Distance was 60 yards. Later that evening, the young Buck came into view also

At about 60 yards. A 300 blackout firearm was custom built by our company for Haley.
The barrel had t be shinny, Therefore we used a Stainless Steel Barrel by

Ammodump International LLC for Ms. Haley. Looks like it worked out just fine for her.

By the way, please look at the pretty pink bibed overall she is wearing and lets not miss

The very red fingernails. Is she a little girl or not?  





Sergeant Mark Joust of the Madison Florida Police Department  and his young men willing to clean up the Sheriff’s Shooting range picking up the spent brass. Great bunch of young men that don’t mind getting dirty working for a good cause in the heat of the Florida sun. I for one am very proud having met them. Good job Sergeant Joust.



Charlotte my Great Granddaughter re arranging product after a Gun Show at 12 months old. She also helped us at Gun Shows Everybody wanted to hold her of course she allowed anyone to pick her up adding to our sales. Heh heh heh..


Charlotte Checking Out Her Christmas Gift In September In Time For Hunting Season.


May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors


Charlotte practicing with he Christmas Bow to become the Pro that she now is at 14 years old. Please see below where her practicing worked out really well. With her Christmas present, given to her, in early September. I think Dad had a very soft heart
with my Great Granddaughter and just had to take her Hunting.



Charlotte Pouliotte’s First Deer, A 9 Pointer


May be an image of Crystal Pouliotte and outdoors


Dad and Charlotte were in a 2-man tree stand at 15 to 20 yard's. The Buck ran approximately 20 yards before he crumbled. Charlotte has quite
a history with Firearms; She started working Gun Shows at 6 months old. She would help re arrange the store at a year old the way she liked it. I will never forget she could walk under the Table at Gun Shows then one day she banged her forehead on the table. She never cried, she rubbed her head and ducked from that day on.






Welcome To Knob Creek


Two men wear ear defenders while they fire machine guns on the main firing line on the weekend. The bottom gun pictured appears to be an M2 Browning, with more modern guns firing above


People look on after an explosion goes off and a man fires a machine gun on the main firing line at the shoot on the weekend






An employee uses a flame thrower as an explosion goes off during a shooting session. At old meet ups, visitors used to be able to rent a flame thrower to use, but now they are handled by a select few. Machine gun owners can reserve spots on the main firing line, but the waiting list is up to 10 years. On a secondary firing line other vendors rent out machine guns to anyone willing to pay for a few rounds


A man fires a machine gun on the main firing line during the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. Rounds fly out of the side of the fully automatic weapon





An explosion goes off at the start of the night shoot on the main firing line at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun show in Bullitt County near West Point, Kentucky on April 12


A man prepares to fire a mini-gun on the main firing line, with wrecked washing machines, sofas, chairs and tires litter the background








A child wearing a baseball cap holds up a piece of charred metal after weapons such as machine guns were used to obliterate objects such as water tanks (center) and fuel barrels which exploded


A visitors holding an unloaded gun stands talking to friends near a destroyed car on the main firing line during a break in the shooting. Smoke still billows out from the bonnet of the vehicle and parts of it lay scattered meters away


People look on as a small vintage field cannon in use on the main firing line. Next to it appears to be a gun mounted on a quad bike-style vehicle which is covered by the smoke and orange glint from the cannon's shot



The power of the artillery on show is demonstrated by a safe - featuring a smiley face - being riddled with bullet holes on the main firing line. It once sat on a wooden pallet, but that was destroyed by the bullets. Behind it, a group of men assess the damage done to a raised car




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