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NFA Stuff 








AR-15 Suppressor. 1/2X28 thread. Price $550.00
           .22 Caliber  $250.00







9MM, 40 S&W .45 ACP Suppressors From $500.00






Short Barrel Shotgun. These are brand new Shotguns, we cut the barrels and butt stocks

In-house at our shop. Starting pricing at $400.00.





300 Blackout with Suppressor and flash suppressor when the suppressor is not in use.

The price for the combination is












Unfortunately, there are many Sheriff’s, and Police Chief that are no longer real Officers Of the law, and are now Politicians. NFA customers must now turn to becoming a Corporation Or locate an Attorney that will set him/her up with a Trust Fund that eliminates the Sheriff/Chief In order to purchase any NFA items.


I was appalled by the charges. charged our customers by Attorneys. My company dug into The laws of writing the necessary verbiage needed by the ATFE in order to accommodate our Customers. We can now write you a legal Trust Fund accepted by the ATFE, Or any other legalese. For considerably less.


Our cost? ……… $199.00 Only