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 We’re back!!!!    Only $2800.00 Deposit required

Ammodump-50 MK-III 29” Has arrived! The most cost effective .50 BMG complete Firearms on the market can now be yours for the price of $2800.00

- Match grade barrel blanks produced by The Montana Rifleman company
- 1 in 15 RH twist
- twist accuracy .001/ft
- Barrel material – Chromoly 4150
- Heat treated to 36-38 Rockwell C scale
- Head spaced on standard Clymer Go/No Go for military 50 BMG

- Investment cast 4150 – triple tempered to RC 40-42 hardness
- Barrel threads and locking shoulder machined in one operation for maximum accuracy
- Receiver need to remove the buffer retainer and spring when changing uppers. This would
- include the Bolt Catch and the Disconnector.

- Massive 2 lug bolt head is machined from solid 4150 steel, then hardened to RC 44
- Chrome plated for wear resistance
- Heavy ejector spring flips cartridge clear after firing
- Integrated safety cam prevents accidental firing while in out of battery condition
- Integrated safety vent directs gases away from shooter’s face in event of ruptured case

Hand guards:
- Made from injection molded glass filled polymer that is nearly indestructible
- Colored hand guards are molded in color, not painted

Picatinny Rail
- Full length rail machined from one piece of steel for rigidity
- True 1913 Picatinny specification

- 50 BMG - Ours is tighter than what you would find on a M2HB 50 BMG – Provides excellent accuracy when used with good commercial ammunition. (approx 1 MOA) - 50 MATCH – For people who will EXCLUSIVELY reload their ammo. Cases MUST be neck turned to .554 diameter. Longer throat for seating AMAX 750 at nominal depths.
Notice! No firearm will be sold to anyone living in the States of California, Washington State, D.C. Oregon, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Colorado