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.308 Black Rifle





The .308/7.62X51 is Back!!!!


Our new CNC Machine is here and we are now back in business selling our own .308/7.62X51

Also even Newer is our 6.5 Creedmore. All for the same price





With the Black Rifle in .308 Caliber growing in popularity with hunters and shooters, we at Ammodump International LLC, thought we would get into the fracas. Building the AR-15 in .223/5.56 and 6.8MM SPC 7.62x39 for several years, the .308 was a natural for us to get into.


We think we now have the .308 down to a science.


Hunters have been asking for two things, more power, and less weight. Competitive shooters want heavy barrels that are capable of pinpoint accuracy. The NPC - .308 became the solution. In order to keep weight down, yet keep its rigidity, the barrel is fluted and kept down to 24. The free float tube is vented, and the 6 Position Buttstock is standard thus enabling the whole family to shoot the same rifle. With a 4 round magazine being legal in most states, the NPC .308 is capable of both, accuracy for the competitor, and has enough power for nearly every sportsman.




Free Float Rail System Included $99.00 Value

Our own special Trigger Included $99.00 Value

Include Carry Handle Assy. With A-2 sights $69.00

Extra 20 rd. Magazine DPMS $31.00

6 Position Folding Vertical Grip $39.00

(NEW) Grip-Pod Included $25.00 Value

Reflex Sight W/4 Reticules $99.00

3X9X50 lighted Scope $169.00

4X12X50 lighted Scope $189.00




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