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 We’re back!!!!    Only $3000.00  $1500.00 Deposit required

Ammodump-50 MK-III 29”
Has arrived! The most cost effective .50 BMG complete Firearm on the market can now be yours for the price of $3000.00

- Match grade barrel blanks produced by The Montana Rifleman company
- 1 in 15 RH twist
- twist accuracy .001/ft
- Barrel material – Chromoly 4140
- Heat treated to 36-38 Rockwell C scale
- Head spaced on standard Clymer Go/No Go for military 50 BMG

- Investment cast 4140 – triple tempered to RC 40-42 hardness
- Barrel threads and locking shoulder machined in one operation for maximum accuracy

- Massive 2 lug bolt head is machined from solid 4140 steel, then hardened to RC 44
- Chrome plated for wear resistance
- Heavy ejector spring flips cartridge clear after firing
- Integrated safety cam prevents accidental firing while in out of battery condition
- Integrated safety vent directs gases away from shooter’s face in event of ruptured case

Hand guards:
- Made from injection molded glass filled polymer that is nearly indestructible
- Colored hand guards are molded in color, not painted

Picatinny Rail
- Full length rail machined from one piece of steel for rigidity
- True 1913 Picatinny specification

- 50 BMG - Ours is tighter than what you would find on a M2HB 50 BMG – Provides excellent accuracy when used with good commercial ammunition. (approx 1 MOA) - 50 MATCH – For people who will EXCLUSIVELY reload their ammo. Cases MUST be neck turned to .554 diameter. Longer throat for seating AMAX 750 at nominal depths. - 50 DTC-EDM Spec

No firearm will be sold to anyone living in the States of California, Washington State and D.C. Oregon, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and now Colorado.