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How To Clean Your Rifle



Turn the selector to 'SAFE'. If the weapon is not cocked,
the lever cannot be turned to safe. If there is a magazine
 in the rifle, remove it

Lock the bolt open by pulling the charging handle rearward, pressing

on the bottom of the bolt catch, and allowing the bolt to move forward until it engages the bolt catch. Return your charging handle to the forward position.

Look in the receiver and chamber to ensure these areas contain
no ammunition

With the selector on safe, allow the bolt to go forward by pressing

The upper portion of the bolt catch.


Remove the sling.
Remove the handguards

Push the takedown pin as far as it will go. Please note!

You may need a small hammer and a punch to get the

Takedown pins moving. These are matched Uppers and Lowers

and are tighter than most other assemblers.

Push the receiver pivot pin.

Separate the upper and lower receivers.

Pull back the charging handle and remove the bolt carrier
and bolt.

Remove the charging handle.

Remove the firing pin retaining pin. Do not open or bend the split
end of retaining pin.

Put the bolt assembly in the locked position by pushing in the

bolt assembly.

Remove the firing pin by letting it drop out of the rear of the bolt
carrier into your hand.

Remove the bolt cam pin by turning it one-quarter turn and

lifting it out,

Pull the bolt assembly from the bolt carrier.

Remove the extractor pin by using the firing pin to push it out.

Do not damage the tip of the firing pin.

Lift out the extractor and spring. Do not separate the spring from the extractor.

Press in the buffer, depress the retainer, and release the buffer.

Remove the buffer and action spring. Separate the buffer from the spring.


Clean the barrel from the receiver end, going through the flash
suppressor, and do not reverse direction while in the bore.

Clean the barrel locking lugs and the gas tube in the upper receiver. Use a worn bore brush clean outside surface of protruding gas tube.

Clean the buffer and inside lower receiver extension, making sure
 to clean the drain hole with a pipe cleaner.

Brush dirt and powder from the trigger mechanism and lower receiver.

Clean the bolt carrier group.
Clean the outer and inner surfaces of the bolt carrier.
Clean the carrier key. Clean the firing pin recess and
firing pin. Clean the firing pin hole with a pipe cleaner.
Clean the carbon deposits and dirt from the locking lugs.
Clean the areas behind the bolt ring and under the lip
 of the extractor.


BOLT - Check for cracks or fractures especially in the
cam pin hole area; bolts that contain pits extending into
the firing pin hole need replacing.

FIRING PIN - Bent, cracked or blunted end.

CAM PIN - Cracked, chipped or missing.

FIRING PIN RETAINING PIN - Bent, rusted, badly worn.

for chipped or broken edges in the area of the lip that
engages the cartridge rim.


Insert the spring and buffer.



Insert the extractor and spring. Push the extractor pin in.

Stagger the bolt ring gaps.

Slide the bolt into the carrier until the bolt cam pin hole

in both the bolt carrier and the bolt are aligned.

Put the bolt cam pin in the bolt carrier and then turn it one-quarter turn.

Drop in and seat the firing pin.

Put the firing pin retaining pin in the bolt carrier.

Pull the bolt back to unlock bolt.

Engage, then push the charging handle part of the

way in.

Slide the bolt carrier into the upper receiver, and

push the charging handle and bolt carrier group

together in the upper receiver.

Join the upper and lower receivers. Engage the

receiver pivot pin.

Close the upper and lower receiver groups.

Push in the takedown pin.

Put the handguards in place.

Replace the sling.


Release the base catch.
Remove the base.

To remove the spring and follower, jiggle the
spring and follower. Clean and lubricate.
Wipe dirt from tube, spring, and follower,
 then lightly lubricate the spring


Jiggle the spring and follower to install
them in the magazine.